Flexible TPE compounds are used across the food packaging industry to meet the growing demand to safely store and dispense food and beverages.

AuroraFlex™ TPE for food packaging uses FDA and EU compliant SBS-based (styrene-butadiene-styrene) and SEBS-based (styrene-ethylene/butylene-styrene) materials for a variety of applications, including:

  • Hose and tubing assemblies
  • Seals/gaskets
  • Tap buttons
  • Vibration dampening pads
  • Bumpers
  • Various other food and beverage dispensing components

They can also be used for odorless synthetic wine cork materials that easily coextrude with foamed PE. TPE grades with exceptional barrier properties are ideal for cap liner and container lid gasket applications that can be overmolded to PP and PE.

Aurora offers a variety of food processing materials like synthetic wine cork materialOur SEBS-based materials can include a polyethylene component for over-molding and compatibility with PE when needed. The result is high-performance properties for durability and easy processing in food packaging materials. These materials are typically odorless and can be formulated to be transparent, heat sealable, for processing by injection molding and extrusion, as well as overmolding and coextruding onto PE, PP, and many other substrates.

Aurora’s formulations have rubber-like properties, colorability, and a cosmetic surface finish. All Aurora grades are free from latex and phthalates, and RoHS and California Proposition 65 compliant, with many of the offerings well suited for applications requiring NSF approval. All grades are reclaimable and recyclable.

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