Do you want flexible PVCs with a nice, slick feel?  What about durability?  Need weather efficiency?

AuroraFlex compounds from Aurora Plastics add a proprietary element to rigid PVC formulations that give you all the performance characteristics you need.  From door sweeps and gaskets to furniture edgebanding and base trim, AuroraFlex produces parts with a lower coefficient of friction, high wear resistance and enhanced weatherability.

In door sweep applications, specifically, testing shows that products made with AuroraFlex compounds will open/close 125,000 times with no wear and tear.  That outdoes any other PVC that was used in testing by leaps and bounds, with alternatives failing at 30,000 cycles at best.

Aurora Plastics can provide compounds from 35 Shore A Durometer to semi-rigid, with specific gravities ranging from 1.15 to 1.65.  We use various types of compound additives to promote plasticity and flexibility to meet specific needs, such as renewable non-phthalate, improved low temperature tolerance and biocides.

Our experts will help you every step of the way, creating the right formulation to meet your needs.  We will consider, color, uv resistance, durometer, chemical resistance and more.

Trust the experts in PVC compounding.