Aurora Plastics Joins Vinyl Sustainability Council

Streetsboro, September 14, 2020
– Aurora Plastics, an industry leader in PVC compound manufacturing with one of the industry’s broadest product portfolios, is pleased to announce its membership in The Vinyl Sustainability Council (VSC), a self-funded business council advancing sustainability in the vinyl industry.

VINYL SUSTAINABILITY COUNCIL MEMBER“We’re pleased to join the VSC and connect with other like-minded companies,” says Matthew Kuwatch, Sr. Vice President – Marketing, Innovation, and Business Development.  “Operating with integrity is at the core of our business values, and advancing our company’s sustainability mission is one of the strongest ways we can showcase this commitment. We’re excited to see what we can contribute as a company and accomplish as an industry.”

The VSC offers membership within the U.S. vinyl value chain from resin manufacturer to product retailer. Members work together to develop and implement best practices and innovation leading to continuous improvement throughout the industry, while promoting these achievements to key stakeholders.

“We’re excited to have Aurora Plastics join the Vinyl Sustainability Council,” says Jay Thomas, VSC Executive Director. “Through collaboration, networking, and sharing of best practices, the vinyl industry is continuously improving the sustainability of the industry. Aurora Plastics is an important member of the vinyl value chain and we look forward to working with them as a member of the VSC.”

About Aurora Plastics

Founded in 1997 and headquartered in Streetsboro, Ohio, Aurora Plastics is known for providing high quality polymers, industry-leading service, and customized solutions. The company offers a broad range of products, all delivered with special attention to consistency and reliability and designed to meet specific customer needs through a collective exchange. In addition to their Streetsboro production facility, the company has manufacturing capabilities throughout the US and Canada: North Carolina, Quebec, Massachusetts and Texas. For more information, visit

About the Vinyl Sustainability Council
The Vinyl Sustainability Council (VSC), founded in 2016 in partnership with the Vinyl Institute, is a council created to advance the vinyl industry’s efforts in addressing sustainability. The VSC is a collaborative platform for companies, organizations and other industry stakeholders to come together to create a sustainable development path for the industry. For more information, please visit