Sea Wall

Aurora Plastics offers a complete line of products for demanding sea wall applications, including rigid PVC compounds and our premium pellet capstock.

AuroraShield™ line of PVC/Acrylic alloy capstocks are highly-weatherable, pelletized compounds designed for exterior applications such as fencing, siding and sea walls. AuroraShield™ PVC/Acrylic alloys exhibit excellent weathering stability and resistance to water whitening. A major additional benefit is that AuroraShield™ products possess superior processability attributes. These compounds combine the easy processability of rigid PVC and the superior weatherability of acrylic. These highly durable, pelletized capstock compounds are ideal for darker colors and can be applied thinner than standard PVC capstocks. Thinner capstock requires less material, making our AuroraShield™ PVC/Acrylic capstock a high-performance economical solution for exterior applications.

AuroraTec™ exterior weatherable rigid PVC compounds meet stringent standards for outdoor performance and are highly impact resistant. These compounds are available in powder or pellet form in various colors for application flexibility.

Highly versatile, our AuroraTec™ interior rigid PVC compounds can be used as stand-alone compounds or as structural substrates, along with capstock, in two-part systems for applications that require high weatherability. Either way, these compounds provide a wide processing window and excellent impact resistance.

Aurora Plastics compounds for sea wall applications.

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