Aurora Plastics offers an environmentally friendly, polypropylene based, zero halogen, flame-retardant extrusion grade compound for packaging applications. In addition, our product line also includes flexible PVC, SBS and SEBS compounds. These include:

  • AuroraGuard™ compounds have strong antistatic properties and are primarily designed for packaging applications, specifically for industrial and consumer electronics markets. The compound is both RoHS and REACH compliant, has UL 94 V-O VTM-0 flame ratings, along with good low moisture absorption and chemical resistance. Additionally, AuroraGuard™ has anti-static properties of 10×1011 and can be scored and folded into 3D packages. This provides the user the ability to die-cut, store and ship their packages flat for easier on-site fabrication.
  • AuroraPrene™ compounds utilize multiple TPE chemistries to impart high-performance properties for durability and easy processing. There are hundreds of color options, and all of these compounds are offered in both molding and extrusion grades.
  • Unlike rigid PVC, AuroraFlex™ flexible PVC introduces a plasticizer into the formulation to give properties that are required for non-rigid applications. Aurora Plastics can provide flexible PVC from 35A to 95A Shore A Durometer* to semi-rigid, with specific gravities ranging from 1.15 to 1.65. We use various types of plasticizers to meet specific needs, such as renewable non-phthalate, improved low temperature tolerance and biocides.

Our R&D experts can work with you to develop a formulation that meets all your specific requirements.

* NOTE: Durometer hardness is measured with a calibrated durometer using the Shore Type-A scale in a room of consistent temperature. The indenter is inserted for 15 seconds to determine if it passes the ASTM D2240-Durometer Hardness test for the desired durometer.

Aurora Plastics compounds for packaging applications.

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